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Our Vision is to be “the” place people want to work. To set ourselves apart, in a positive way, from all other forms of entertainment and all other small businesses while still being a profitable business venture and a responsible community citizen.

We would love for you to show us why we should hire you. We are now seeking applications and resumes for all positions. We are seeking experienced applicants in the areas of: Customer Service Representatives (front desk), Cooks, Servers, Bartenders, Bowling Mechanics, Party Hosts and more.

If you are a true people-person who likes to work in an environment where you can help create an incredible, amazing and memorable guest experience, then we would love for you to join us.

Apply through our online application below, in person or email your resume to:

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What position are you applying for?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?
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Are you at least 18 years old?
If you are a smoker, can you go 8 hours without smoking?
Will you agree to be drug tested?
Can you read and write at a 6th grade level?
Is there any reason you couldn't perform the pysical requirements of the job?

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May we contact this person?
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IMPORTANT: This application will aid us in obtaining a clear understanding of your qualifications to fill specific job openings. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Complete all the information on the application, as we cannot consider you for employment unless all the requested information is provided by you. If you have additional information that will help us to further evaluate you as a potential employee (such as resume or letter of recommendation), please email it to when completed with the subject line "Application Resume "Your Name".

I understand that if I am employed, any misrepresentation or material omission made by me on the application will be sufficient cause for cancellation of this application or immediate discharge from the employer's service. 


In connection with my application for employment with New Victory Lanes LLC, I understand that a consumer report or an investigative consumer report may be requested that will include information as to my character, work habits, performance, and experience, along with reasons for termination of past employment. I understand that as directed by company policy and consistent with the job described, you may be requesting information from the public and private sources about my workers compensation injuries, driving record, court record, education credentials, social media footprint and references. I understand that this will be an At-Will employment.

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