In 2019, the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) in conjunction with the PBA and Victory Lanes, held the U.S. Open in Mooresville, NC. The limited field of only 144 bowlers were put through an excruciating test of physical, mental and emotional trials. Starting with the PTQ (Pre-Tournament Qualifier), 66 bowlers had to bowl 8 games on a grueling oil pattern across the house. After those 8 games were completed, 53 bowlers would advance to the next stage of the tournament, 3 days of bowling 8 games on 3 different oil patterns. After those 24 games, 32 for those coming out of the PTQ, the field was cut down again to the top 36 bowlers. Those 36 bowlers then had to bowl another 8 games on yet another different oil pattern, the field was then again cut to the top 24 bowlers. After now bowling 32 or 40 games, the remaining 24 bowlers would bowl 3 rounds of round robin match play that would result in another 24 games. Now with 56 or 64 games completed, the 5 bowlers with the highest pin count would move on to the live televised finals, those finalist were Anthony Simonsen from Little Elm, TX, Bill O'Neill from Langhorn, PA, Jason Belmonte from Australia, Francois Lavoie from Canada, and Sean Rash from Montgomery, IL.